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  • Pacific25 more baptised in Kiribati

    25 more baptised in Kiribati

    During a recent trip to Kiribati, there were 25 baptisms and the new fellowship is becoming more established.

  • Pacific33 Baptisms During Recent Outreach

    33 Baptisms During Recent Outreach

    During a twelve day Revival Fellowship outreach on the island of Santo in Vanuatu, 33 baptisms took place. Read on to find out about what happened and see photos from the outreach.

  • Pacific55 Baptised During Vanuatu Outreach

    55 Baptised During Vanuatu Outreach

    During a recent outreach in Vanuatu 55 new saints were baptised by full immersion. Learn more about these exciting times.

  • PNG933 Baptisms in Wewak

    933 Baptisms in Wewak

    PNG assemblies recently celebrated it's 30th Anniversary with an amazing 933 baptisms taking place during the week long celebrations in Wewak. Read on to learn more and see the the photos.

  • AfricaAnother Assembly in Liberia

    Another Assembly in Liberia

    A new Revival Fellowship assembly in the West African country of Liberia has started at a place called Gbarnga. To date, approximately 30 people have been baptised and Spirit-filled. These new members are being cared for by frequent visits from brother Teddy, the leader of our Revival Fellowship in Liberia.

  • AsiaAuction Helps Out Nepal Assembly

    Auction Helps Out Nepal Assembly

    An additional $3,800 was raised for a food stall in Nepal at the recent Revival Fellowship Christmas Camp held at Kenilworth on the Sunshine Coast in QLD. Read on for more details...

  • PacificCyclone Pam Devastates Vanuatu

    Cyclone Pam Devastates Vanuatu

    Learn about the impact that Cyclone Pam had upon the tiny Island nation of Vanuatu and our brothers and sisters in the Revival Fellowship assemblies there.

  • AsiaEaster Camp in Nepal

    Easter Camp in Nepal

    The Revival Fellowship assembly in Nepal hosted its first ever Easter Camp on the top of Nagarkot mountain, at Taragon Village. The nights were very cold but the days were sunny and the fellowship was fantastic.

  • PacificExciting Times in Vanuatu

    Exciting Times in Vanuatu

    An update from Ps Bob Beverley on the recent developments over in Vanuatu including 26 baptisms, a new fishing boat for the fellowship and the opening of a new hall.

  • PacificFiji Rally

    Fiji Rally

    Read all about the Fiji Rally that was held recently, what happened and how God has been blessing the saints over there.

  • BrazilFortelaza Hall to Re-Open

    Fortelaza Hall to Re-Open

    Thanks to very generous donations made to the Mission Fund, enough money has been raised to complete the rebuild of the hall in Fortelaza, Brazil. The official re-opening will be in March 2013, seventeen months after the orginal hall was washed away in torrential flooding. Read on for more details and photos.

  • BrazilFunds URGENTLY Required in Fortaleza

    Funds URGENTLY Required in Fortaleza

    Funds are needed urgently to finish the reconstruction of the hall in the ‘favela’ (slum) area of Fortaleza after their previous hall was washed away in torrential flooding .

  • PacificGabriella Walks Again

    Gabriella Walks Again

    Learn more about sister Gabi's story of learning to walk again after losing a leg in a car accident in Vanuatu.

  • AfricaGod is at Work in Africa

    God is at Work in Africa

    Get a overview of all that is going on in Africa at the moment as his church continues to grow across the continent.

  • AsiaGrowing Fellowship in China

    Growing Fellowship in China

    Find out about the new work that is springing up in China as Ps Paul Nobel reports on his recent trip there in June.

  • AfricaGrowth in Liberia Continues

    Growth in Liberia Continues

    Learn more about the Lord's work in Liberia and the new baptisms that have come about as a result.

  • PacificHealing from TB results in 18 Baptisms

    Healing from TB results in 18 Baptisms

    Leader Andrew from the island of Tanna in Vanuatu simply shared his testimony of being miraculously healed from Tuberculosis and as a result, locals from a village on the other side of the island wanted to know more - 18 were baptized.

  • AfricaHoly Spirit Poured Out in Zambia

    Holy Spirit Poured Out in Zambia

    Learn more about how God is spreading his Holy Spirit throughout Zambia.

  • AfricaKasaba hall nears completion in Uganda

    Kasaba hall nears completion in Uganda

    The hall for the assembly in Kasaba is nearing completion. Funded entirely by the Mission Fund, the hall will act as the government required headquarters for the church in Uganda.

  • AfricaLatest News from Africa

    Latest News from Africa

    In Africa the Word of God is on the move as the Gospel message continues to spread from village to village and country to country.