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Who is the Revival Fellowship? | 30 Years of Good News

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'We're people who love God's Word and take Him at his Word. As a result we're seeing amazing things around the world.'

Pastor Ron Carslake, Africa


‘People’s lives are miraculously changed when they come in contact with the living God and experience the same power which created the universe.'

Pastor Darryl Williams, Melbourne


‘Miraculous healings are happening all around the world today, just as they did in Bible times. God’s power is available to us all today!'

Pastor Bob Beverley, Canberra


One Fellowship, Many Locations

The Revival Fellowship is part of a worldwide following of people from all races, walks of life, age groups and social backgrounds that share a common experience through belief in the Bible being the inspired Word of God.

Our vision is simply to preach the full Gospel of Jesus Christ with the expectation of the Bible-specified 'signs following', as described in Mark 16:15-20. In doing so, we seek to make known the full benefits of salvation to people all around the globe.

The Revival Fellowship aims to act as a light-bearer for Christ in this world, to the glory of God and the ultimate benefit of mankind. It is our mission to be able to bring people from around the globe in to a more abundant, joyful, happy and blessed life through Jesus Christ.

Throughout our website you’ll read stories of ordinary people from all corners of the globe who have had their sins forgiven once and for all, have been healed, had their lives renewed, and discovered a wonderful new life as a Spirit-filled Christian. The words of Jesus are springing to life today in people’s lives all around the globe as they experience miracles of healing, and deliverance from illness, addictions, pain and misery.


  • We believe in the infallibility of the Bible.
  • We believe Jesus Christ is the son of God.
  • We believe the gospel of His death, resurrection, and directive to repent, be baptized and receive the Holy Spirit.
  • We believe we are baptized into the Body of Christ (the Church) through the Holy Spirit, with the Bible evidence of speaking in tongues.
  • We believe in the miraculous gifts of the Holy Spirit in the Church.
  • We believe in prayer for the sick and healing by the power of God.
  • We believe the Bible identifies modern nations and gives signs of the imminent return of Jesus Christ.

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