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History of the Mission Fund | 30 Years of Good News

Mission Fund

  • 1975

    1975 — FIJI

    Nearly 40 years ago the assembly in Fiji started when an elder from Fiji met with a brother from the Revival Fellowship in Australia.  That meeting, back in 1975 has now resulted in 17 different assemblies throughout Fiji with over 800 saints.  The work in Fiji today continues to do well and is headed by Ps Ilaijia Rokua.  Financial support from the Revival Fellowship Mission Fund has helped the assemblies over there with transportation costs, the cost of land and building materials for assembly meeting halls and the ongoing support of some pastoral wages.

  • 1982

    1982 — Papua New Guinea

    Godfrey Wippon, a young man from PNG, was witnessed to and healed from Pneumonia following prayer at a Revival meeting in Melbourne in 1981.  After being baptized and Spirit-filled, speaking in tongues, he headed back to his home town in Lumi, PNG in 1982 where his mother was very ill.  Believing on God’s promises, Godfrey laid hands on his bed-ridden mother and the next day she was completely healed, walking around freely.  Word spread of the miracle performed by God and Godfrey was invited to go and speak of his experience - soon after a small assembly started.  Wonderful healing testimonies of the lame walking, the deaf hearing and complete healings from HIV Aids and Cancer has fuelled the growth of the assembly which has now grown to well over 50,000 saints spread throughout every province and major town in PNG.  Every Sunday there are approx. 200 baptisms across PNG.

  • 1987

    1987 — Brazil

    Some 25 years ago a group of NZ saints decided to set out and spread the gospel in Brazil.  This was to be a decision that has since led to a thriving assembly of over 3,000 saints in 2 major assemblies in Brazil.  A majority of the saints come from the city of Fortaleza, and many of them from a poor slum area where crime and violence are an everyday part of life.  The assembly has grown strongly over the years with the meeting halls regularly overflowing with saints and visitors and multiple meetings having to be held every week just to be able to fit everyone in.  Through the Holy Spirit, the lives of many of the saints are changing from that of despair to hope and joy – a change that for many in Brazil, would never be possible without the Lord. 

  • 1988

    1988 — South Africa

    After attending the National Convention in Melbourne in 1987, a group of young men from Adelaide came away feeling enthused to take the gospel to South Africa. During their visit in February 1988 they met with friends and family of several South Africans who had been born again in Adelaide. One lady was baptized in Johannesburg and another in Durban, and during a follow up visit by Ron Carslake in October, that year a further 14 people in Cape Town were baptized and Spirit filled with the Bible evidence of speaking in tongues.

    Since then the work has centralized in Cape Town, and today there are 130 saints who fellowship in two assemblies. In many ways it seems fitting that our work in Africa should have begun in South Africa’s “Mother City”.

  • 1989

    1989 — Kenya

    In July 1989 Bob and Jenny Hutton travelled to Kenya (Africa), where Bob was born, with the thought of spreading the gospel uppermost in their minds. In the course their travels, 15 people were baptized and Spirit filled in Mombasa, and from there the work has spread across much of Kenya.

    Today there are over 1200 saints in more than 60 assemblies. Large fellowships can be found in Nairobi, the national capital, and Mombasa where the work first began. The greatest concentration of assemblies is in the rural Kamba district, between Machakos and Kibwezi, although some are scattered as far afield as Nakuru in the north-west of the country. The Principal Pastor is Samuel Mwanzia, who has been leading the work since 1995.

  • 2002

    2002 — Philippines

    The work in the Philippines began in 2002 when Graham Pater and his wife Cherry [from Adelaide] went to visit her family in Manila. They witnessed to Pearle who was Cherry's nanny, when she was growing up.

    As a result of further outreaching from the saints in the Philippines and assistance from members of the Revival Fellowship in Australia and Singapore, there are now over 150 members in four assemblies in the Philippines.  Those assemblies are located in Manila, Umingan, Aurora and on Cebu Island.

    In Manila, Sister Pearle started witnessing to people in the deaf community, as she is very competent in 'signing'. Today there are 45 deaf people regularly attending the meetings in Manila.

  • 2002

    2002 — Vanuatu

    In March 2002 the Revival Fellowship in Vanuatu began with a visit by Pastor Bob Beverley and Errol Ayamiseba to Pt. Vila on the island of Efate.  Errol had lived there for a number of years as a boy.   There were three visits to Pt. Vila during that year and a total of 130 baptisms.  Pastor Caspar Wakula came from PNG in May of that same year to look after the assembly until he returned to PNG in 2009.  There are now approx. 400 saints in a number of assemblies across four of the Vanuatu islands – Tanna, Efate, Espiritu Santo, and Malekula. 

  • 2004

    2004 — Zambia

    When a young Zambian lady was baptized and Spirit filled in Perth in 2003 she couldn’t wait to tell her friends and family back home what she had discovered. She returned to Kitwe armed with magazines and testimonies which amazed those who read them. They made contact with Ps Brian Allen, the Africa liaison pastor in Australia, and he made arrangements to visit them with Ps Ron in August 2004. Upon their visit, 54 people were baptized.

    The word of God has spread quickly across the Northwestern and Copperbelt Provinces and there are now almost 1500 saints who are part of the Revival Fellowship in Zambia. They meet in some 47 assemblies throughout the region. Many wonderful testimonies are evident in the lives of these people who live in one of the poorest countries in Africa

  • 2006


    The DRC is one of those “hotspots” in Africa which has endured years of civil war and unrest. Many people who have been displaced by the fighting have made their way to neighbouring countries including South Africa. When Rossie Maskini arrived in Cape Town, she wasn’t looking for God, but when she received the Holy Spirit she realized that she had found the truth. Her greatest wish was for her family in DRC to have an opportunity to hear the gospel as well. When Ps Ron was able to visit Lubumbashi in 2006, 13 people including Rossie’s parents, a brother and 2 sisters were all born again. Today Emile Lumbala looks after a small group of about 35 people in the eastern suburb of Belair.

    In 2011 work began on a second front in the remote village of Irango in the Goma district of the eastern DRC. Already more than 40 people have been baptized and Spirit filled. After years of dreadful fighting in the region, the arrival of “comfort, joy and peace in the Holy Ghost” is a welcome change.

  • 2008

    2008 — Zimbabwe

    After a Zimbabwean couple living in Perth came to the fellowship in 2007, their friends and family at home were keen to hear about what had happened to them. In February 2008, Pastor Eddie from Zambia travelled to Zimbabwe to preach the gospel to them, and during his visit an amazing 36 people were baptized. Almost all of them were filled with the Holy Spirit, with the scriptural evidence of speaking in tongues. Since this time the assembly has been growing steadily with approximately 70 saints meeting regularly at Old Tafara Township on the eastern outskirts of Harare. In a country which has been plagued by economic uncertainly, God is providing stability in the lives of his people. Many of them are able to testify of His miraculous healing and provision.

  • 2008

    2008 — Rwanda

    The work in Rwanda began after Esron Ruturwa (who is now the leader of the Revival Fellowship in Rwanda) found the fellowship website on the internet. He contacted us via email and arrangements were made for Ps Sammy from Kenya (Africa) to visit him at the beginning of 2008. After much discussion, and a follow up visit later in the year, Esron, his wife Emmah and 3 others were baptized in Kigali, the capital. The gospel has spread quickly with over 280 saints now enjoying fellowship in 6 different assemblies throughout the country.

  • 2008

    2008 — Burundi

    At the same time as the initial contacts were being made in Rwanda, others in Burundi (Africa) had also found the Revival Fellowship website and were highly impressed with what they read there. Follow-up visits were organized, and during a second outreach in the capital Bujumbura, an ex-army officer named Désiré Niyoyitungira was baptized and Spirit filled. There was a dramatic change in his life and he began to preach the gospel to friends and family. There are now approximately 140 baptized and Spirit filled saints in the fellowships in Bujumbura and Mutaho, and another small group in Giteaga. Désiré is leading the work as new outposts are opening up in Mugamba to the southeast and Irango across the border in the DRC.

  • 2008

    2008 — Liberia

    Teddy Roberts first spoke in tongues when he called out to God in desperation one night in Monrovia in 1998, but he didn’t know what he had received until 10 years later when he heard the gospel from members of the Revival Fellowship. They had come to visit Johnsonville, a small township some 30km to the northeast of the capital, where 25 people were baptized and 21 of them received the Holy Spirit immediately, with the accompanying sign of speaking in tongues. An assembly of more than 50 has grown up there in the years since, and Teddy now leads the work as it expands into new areas at Duport Road in the south, where 30 people have been born again, and Gbarnga to the east, where more than 35 are in fellowship.

  • 2009

    2009 — Nepal

    Brother Israel was converted in Manila, in the Philippines. At that time he was a Hindu, but admitted, when he was spoken to by Ps Manuel from the Darwin Revival Fellowship, that his gods did nothing for him. After a number of discussions he was baptized and received the Holy Spirit with the evidence of Speaking in Tongues. God confirmed his word!

    In 2009, Brother Israel returned to his homeland in Nepal to preach the Gospel to his own people. There is now a group of approx. 20 saints rejoicing in fellowship in Kathmandu, Nepal.  The fellowship there recently held their first Nepal Easter Camp which attracted nine visitors.

  • 2010

    2010 — Malawi

    The work in Malawi (Africa) began only 18 months ago, when people there also found the Revival Fellowship via the internet. After eight visits from our pastors in South Africa, Kenya and Zambia, more than 200 people have been baptized. Seven new assemblies have sprung up around the country, they stretch from Blantyre in the south to the capital Lilongwe, in the centre of the country. It is exciting to see people who were lost in the traditionalism of powerless churches embracing the Word of God, as he begins to work in their lives.

  • 2011

    2011 — Uganda

    Our most recent outreach in Africa has been in Uganda, where we were invited to visit the family of a sister who had come to know the Lord through the Revival Fellowship in London. After outreaches in Kampala in July last year, and January this year, 23 people have been born again. Peter Buswlwa, although only baptized and Spirit filled himself for a few months, is managing to lead 2 meetings for the new saints each week. He is being supported by visits from our Kenyan pastors to ensure that this fledgling work is well founded on the Word of God.

  • 2012

    2012 — Solomon Islands

    Revival in the Solomon Islands began with an outreach in Honiara (capital of Solomon Islands) in early January 2012, involving saints from Australia and PNG and a Solomon Islander who had come to the Lord in PNG (Pastor Salvatore Sifo). Over the past 12 months there have been over 140 baptisms in Honiara.