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Auction Helps Out Nepal Assembly


Auction Helps Out Nepal Assembly

New Life Cafe in Nepal


Revival Fellowship Project Report:

Auction Secures Needed Funds for Saints in Nepal. 


Along with contributions made by individuals via the OneMission website and other avenues, an additional $3,800 was raised for the saints of Nepal at the recent Revival Fellowship Christmas Camp held at Kenilworth on the Sunshine Coast in QLD.

The saints at the camp generously donated the items at the auction and then bid up some very silly prices for them all in the name of helping out the saints in the Nepalese fellowship.

These funds will be used to help two families purchase additional stock and fittings for a food stall they are running.  The income from the food stall helps them cover their living expenses, become self-sufficient and take care of one another.  The food stall has been named the 'New Life Canteen' and is already showing promising results.

Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world today. Most people do not have any work, and battle just to live from day to day. There is no Government support and they do not pay any income tax, which is reflected in the state of the roads, and the city in general. Tax on motor cars is 240% to those who can afford one. Corruption is rife. The electricity is put on and off in grids across Kathmandu, for 2 hours at a time. This makes it difficult to get around in the suburbs at night, plus they cannot have refrigeration due to the lack of power, and therefore, have to buy perishables every day.


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