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Solomons Islands Outreach

Baptisms in the Solomon Islands


Revival Fellowship Outreach Report:

New Saints in the Solomon Islands Following Outreach.

In the last 12mths there has been 140 baptisms in the Solomon Islands.  In January this year, five Australians (Jacob Riggs, Geoff Faulkner, Gavin Lewis, Paul Robin, myself) and 13 members of the Solomon Islands Revival Fellowship traveled to Auki, a 5 hour ferry ride from Honiara (the capital of the Solomon Islands). Auki is the capital of Malaita, the most populous province within the Solomon Islands and has over 130,000 residents. Most saints in Honiara come from Malaita province and a number of residents had requested visits from Revival Fellowship.


At the Saturday market Pastor Salvatore Sifo and Area Leader Fagal Aengeri preached with the aid of a megaphone. Saints sang choruses (joined by a few onlookers), shared testimonies and moved through the market speaking to individuals, inviting them to Revival Fellowship meetings planned for Saturday and Sunday. Many were spoken to on the street and in places where saints were staying. Solomon Island saints also invited family members who lived close to Auki.


At least 8 observers attended the Saturday meeting, with more than 20 visiting on Sunday. After the Sunday meeting 7 people were baptised in a local river, including 3 pastors from local churches - all those baptised received the Holy Spirit.  On top of those baptisms, another 10 people were baptised in the last 3 days of the trip with a miraculous healing from deafness and a healing from cancer being evident.


Area Leader Fagal is staying in Auki to look after the work and another couple from Honiara, Brother Timothy and Sister Daisy, plan to move to Auki to support him. 


Please keep these brothers and sisters in the Solomons in your prayers.


Ps Tim Rogers

Wollongong Revival Fellowship



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