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Work in Vanuatu continues


Work in Vanuatu continues

The Nivan young people enjoying tug of war at the National Youngies Camp at the Gold Coast. Pic credit: P.Moore


Since the last update the Mission Fund has continued to provide valuable assistance to the assemblies in Vanuatu.

The church halls in Green Point and Enarauia and Ps.Roberts house in Yeruareng, all in Tanna, have been rebuilt to cyclone resistant standards under the direction of Ps.Grant Medway from Moruya. These buildings will provide a place of safety for all the people in the villages in future hurricanes or cyclones.

The last report mentioned the provision of a large water tank for the use of the whole community in the village of Caroline Bay in Malekula. This gift has been a great testimony for the church which is growing strongly and they are now building a new church using their own resources.  The assembly at Bulbul in Malekula is also building a new hall following the destruction of the old one in the 2015 cyclone.

Ps.Willy Rouvoune is the Principal pastor for Vanuatu and he is based on the island of Espiritu Santo. He frequently has to travel to the various assemblies on different islands and the mission fund provides some of the funding for this need.

In Santo itself we have the main assembly in Mango Station in the capital Luganville and other assemblies in villages at Siloe and Pelmol / Tasiriki. Because of the growth of the assembly in Mango Station we have purchased the adjacent land so that the church can be enlarged on the existing block and the new block used for other church purposes and to build a house for the pastor. We are also providing assistance to the other small assemblies in Santo to build local construction halls in their villages.

The mission fund also provide part funding for some young people and some leaders to come to the National Youngies Camp at the Gold Cost this year.  This was of great value in building unity, understanding and teaching for young people as the church continues to grow in Vanuatu.

Thank you to everyone for your invaluable support.

Pastor Bob Beverley