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Revival fire is evident in Brazil.  Multiple meetings are held throughout the week so everyone has an opportunity to get to fellowship where often standing room is the only room available. 

The attraction of a new life in the Lord is obvious for many locals who face unemployment, crime and uncertainty every day.  The fellowship and their mission of promoting the Gospel is transforming the lives of thousands in Brazil.

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Brazil: Facts
  • Population
    205 Million
  • Avg life expectancy
    70 yrs
  • People living on less than $1 per day


Current Projects - Needing your Support
Current projects needing your support

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  • BrazilFortelaza Hall to Re-Open

    Fortelaza Hall to Re-Open

    Thanks to very generous donations made to the Mission Fund, enough money has been raised to complete the rebuild of the hall in Fortelaza, Brazil. The official re-opening will be in March 2013, seventeen months after the orginal hall was washed away in torrential flooding. Read on for more details and photos.

  • BrazilFunds URGENTLY Required in Fortaleza

    Funds URGENTLY Required in Fortaleza

    Funds are needed urgently to finish the reconstruction of the hall in the ‘favela’ (slum) area of Fortaleza after their previous hall was washed away in torrential flooding .