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On some of the most beautiful islands in the world, the life changing power of God's Holy Spirit is being proven through miraculous healings and provision of needs.  Every day faithful men and women in the Pacific faithfully preach the truth of the Gospel. 

Challenges faced by the saints in this region include employment, transportation and the provision of basic services that we often take for granted in westernised countries.

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Pacific: Facts
  • Population
    2 Million
  • Avg life expectancy
    65 years old
  • People living on less than $1 per day


Fiji,Vanuatu,Solomon Islands
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  • Pacific27 baptised in Noro, Western Province

    27 baptised in Noro, Western Province

    In June 2018, a team of Solomon Islanders travelled to Western Province for an outreach program. Partway through, eight Aussies joined them and witnessed a church start in Noro.

  • Pacific73 baptised during rally on Tanna

    73 baptised during rally on Tanna

    For 10 days in July a group of 45 Australians travelled to Vanuatu to outreach, assist with followup and to attend our 2nd. National Rally on the island of Tanna.

  • Pacific25 more baptised in Kiribati

    25 more baptised in Kiribati

    During a recent trip to Kiribati, there were 25 baptisms and the new fellowship is becoming more established.

  • PacificNew hall openings in Solomons

    New hall openings in Solomons

    Revival is showing no sign of slowing in the Solomon Islands. After successful outreaches in Malaita province in 2016, saints spent a busy month preparing for official openings in Gwaunaru’u and Ngaliwawao in July 2017.

  • PacificRecent revival in Kiribati

    Recent revival in Kiribati

    In April 2016, a small group of Australians led by Pastor Tim Rogers (Wollongong) went to Kiribati to preach the gospel.

  • PacificWork in Vanuatu continues

    Work in Vanuatu continues

    Since the last update the Mission Fund has continued to provide valuable assistance to the assemblies in Vanuatu.

  • PacificGabriella Walks Again

    Gabriella Walks Again

    Learn more about sister Gabi's story of learning to walk again after losing a leg in a car accident in Vanuatu.

  • PacificCyclone Pam Devastates Vanuatu

    Cyclone Pam Devastates Vanuatu

    Learn about the impact that Cyclone Pam had upon the tiny Island nation of Vanuatu and our brothers and sisters in the Revival Fellowship assemblies there.

  • PacificSolomons Islands Outreach

    Solomons Islands Outreach

    In the last 12mths there has been 140 baptisms in the Solomon Islands. A recent Revival Fellowship outreach there saw another 17 people baptised and God perform some miraculous healings.

  • PacificRevival Fellowship Fiji Rally 2012

    Revival Fellowship Fiji Rally 2012

    The Revival Fellowship's annual national Fijian rally was held recently and there were over 600 saints and visitors in attendance. Read on to find out more and see some photos.

  • Pacific33 Baptisms During Recent Outreach

    33 Baptisms During Recent Outreach

    During a twelve day Revival Fellowship outreach on the island of Santo in Vanuatu, 33 baptisms took place. Read on to find out about what happened and see photos from the outreach.

  • PacificHealing from TB results in 18 Baptisms

    Healing from TB results in 18 Baptisms

    Leader Andrew from the island of Tanna in Vanuatu simply shared his testimony of being miraculously healed from Tuberculosis and as a result, locals from a village on the other side of the island wanted to know more - 18 were baptized.

  • PacificRevival Starts in the Solomon Islands

    Revival Starts in the Solomon Islands

    A revival has started in Honiara, the capital of the Solomon Islands. There has been 25 baptisms to date and some notable miracles in the past couple of months.

  • PacificRecent Visit to Tanna, Vanuatu.

    Recent Visit to Tanna, Vanuatu.

    Noel Cavanough and Mark Tait from the Newcastle Revival Fellowship recently visited the assemblies on Tanna Island, Vanuatu. Their trip involved visiting the saints, expounding the gospel, and helping the local assembly leaders with any problems they were currently facing.